I'm new to a CSA, what does a share mean?

A share is your preferred size portion of fresh produce for the entire Blue Barrel growing season. Share sign-up happens in early spring and is paid for upfront. Shares are limited and as a shareholder you assume the risks of farming.

What risks am I sharing?

The conditions for an upcoming year is always an unknown. Hail, early/late frosts, heat, insect swarms, or plant disease can impact harvest times or yields. Blue Barrel diligently attempts to mitigate these impacts.

What is a working share discount?

A working share discount is a discount applied to a share's cost in return for labor. Help can be utilized throughout the season for bed preparation, planting, harvesting, and weeding. Blue Barrel offers a discount of $20/share for 4 hours worked in spring planting and prepping and a discount of $125/share for a 20 hour commitment during the 20 week season. Please note that working share discounts are limited availability and must be applied for when signing up.

How does delivery work?

Deliveries are made on specific days of the week. On delivery day your fresh produce will be delivered by Blue Barrel to the front door of your home or business. Vegetables will be placed in your cooler on your doorstep.

Why is South Fort Collins a pick up location but not discounted?

The full cost of a share includes the costs of delivery within Fort Collins. The only discount for pick-up is to collect directly from Blue Barrel Farm. If you live beyond Fort Collins and wish to have a share at Blue Barrel we try to make it more convenient for you by delivering our vegetables to an alternate collection location at Council Tree Covenant Church at 4825 S. Lemay Ave. When you apply for a share, we'll look at your address and delivery selection and if changes are needed we will contact you by email.

What happens to extra produce at Blue Barrel?

If a week's harvest is more than is needed for shares, a delivery is made to the Larimer County Food Bank. If you're out of town on a delivery date, your share can be delivered to the Food Bank upon request. Sometimes extra produce or additional produce like raspberries, apples, plums, and eggs are offered up for sale to shareholders. Watch your email throughout the season.

What is this 2 Gallon Bucket and how can I help make great dirt?

Blue Barrel Farm partners with Soil Stewardship to make compost on the farm from household food residue. If you're interested in helping to feed our tenacious and hardworking worm colony, a 2 gallon bucket will be provided to you and picked up on your delivery day at no additional cost.

What is this farm party I've heard about?

As a shareholder, come October you will be invited out to the farm for our annual farm pizza party. We take the fresh veggies from the garden and cook them up on fabulous brick oven pizzas in the backyard. It's a time to come see the farm, pick up a pumpkin, eat some pizza and get to know Blue Barrel Farm and the other shareholders like yourself.

Why did I get so much of (you name it) this week?

Modern grocery stores and shipping has altered the perception and general awareness of seasons. You will always get a mix of things in your share each week. Blue Barrel strives to stagger early and late harvests. However sometimes growing conditions vary for each crop. Some do well while others slowly come into season. At times you might feel inundated with (whatever). Remember, it's a season. That crop will quickly give way to another. Search out food blogs and recipes. Make it an adventure and appreciate it before it's gone for the year. See our veggie schedule to plan.

Whoa, what's that in my broccoli?

Blue Barrel strives to grow its produce with organic methods. That means your food is not processed, minimally handled, and has no pesticides. Therefore our garden is full of bugs of all sorts and is a perfect home to voracious lady bugs, orb weavers, wolf spiders, dragon flies, and mantids. At head level barn swallows do attack runs over the garden and dart between tomato plants. As hungry and diligent as our beneficial friends are at getting rid of unwanted bugs, occasionally some unwanted pests get missed. Give it a good rinse, shake out that broccoli and rest assured in knowing that you're getting healthy natural vegetables in your diet.