• I'm new to a CSA, what does a share mean?

A share is your preferred size portion of fresh produce for the entire Blue Barrel growing season. Share sign-up happens over the winter and and is paid for upfront. Shares are limited and as a shareholder you assume the risks of farming.

• What risks am I sharing?

The conditions for an upcoming year is always an unknown. Hail, early/late frosts, heat, insect swarms, or plant disease can impact harvest times and yields. Blue Barrel diligently attempts to mitigate these impacts.

• How do I get my share?

Produce is harvested weekly and can be picked up at Blue Barrel Farm in northeast Fort Collins on Mondays or Thursdays after 9 am. Share holders can indicate their pickup preference at sign-up.

• Why did I get so much of (you name it) this week and where are my tomatoes?

Grocery stores and produce shipping from other climate zones has altered the perception and general awareness of growing seasons and harvest times for vegetables. We are growing local. Vegetables come in at different times and we encourage you to review our general outline of when you can expect various vegetables to appear during our growing season. Blue Barrel strives to stagger early and late harvests and provide variety.